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Online Music Distributers


CD Distributors

  • CD Baby - The place to go to buy great CDs online.
  • Dark Holler - Underground music. Distributes CBG band Jug Fusion.

Weed Distributors

Weed is a music download format that allows you to play the song three times for free. After that you are asked to buy the song, usually for about a dollar. The purchased song gives you unlimited plays on up to three computers and Windows media compatible portable plays; and may be burned to CD.

  • - The inventors of Weed. This is where to download the Weed Media Activator. The Weed Media Activator is not required for the free previews but is required to purchase a song.
  • Bottom Rung Records - Wide selection of Weed files in many genres, and home of Black Pug Digital Discworks and The Bottom Rung Studio.
  • Bullcrane Music - Techno recording artist Bullcrane. Weed format and CD's.
  • CD-ME - UK Based Weedfile host offering a variety of music genres. [ICP]
  • Christian Weed - Downloadable independent Christian artists song files. [ICP]
  • Cooler Weed - All genres of music available for download in Weed format.
  • Cool Like Ice Recordings - Weed reseller featuring artists from all genres.
  • - Online collaborative music creation. Site lets artists and fans communicate during creative process, completed works available as Weed files. [ICP]
  • - Eclectic electronic dish, albums, weed.
  • DJ Drunken Master Music and News - Weed files from electronica artist DJDM.
  • Donna Marie Cain - Christian singer/performer with Weed format downloads.
  • Download Weed - Exclusive cuts from artists including Skin Yard, Treepeople, Built To Spill, Love Battery.
  • EatNails - Music site featuring artist and album reviews along with Weed downloads.
  • Electrovoce - A variety of artists performing Classical music.
  • - Homepage and Weed download site for the band Finespun.
  • - Weed distribution site speacializing in "Family Friendly Content".
  • FWEEDOHM Lodge - Weed files from London & Tokyo based artists.
    Electronica, Jazz, Rock, World music & others.
  • Hungry Media Tunes - Independent artists music from a variety of musical styles available for download.
  • If Gallery - Weed files in a variety of genres and artists.
  • Indie Weed Downloads - Weed Downloads, Radio play partner with Urscene FM [IPC]
  • Jack Endino's Weed Cafe - Weed downloads from the Seattle music scene. [ICP]
  • JahWeed - Record label specializing in Roots Reggae.
  • Loren DiGiorgi's Music Portal - Weed files, articles, news items and links at this music portal.
  • Online Bands - Independent music in a variety of styles..
  • Ozmusicweed - Australian Weed music.
  • Ozone333 - Site featuring artist's own electronic dance music in Weed format.
  • Pipe Weed | Music From Middle Earth - All music on this site is inspired by The Lord of the Rings and was created by independent artists who have personally visited Middle Earth ... in heart and in spirit, if not in body.
  • Pulchritude - Home of indie artists including 24 Hour Cardlock, Kristy Thirsk, Niina Chebry.
  • Ragtime Press - Ragtime, Jazz, Boogie, and Early Blues Piano
  • Sananda Maitreya - Growing collection of songs from Sananda Maitreya's "Angels & Vampires" project.
  • - Weed files and artist reviews in all genres.
  • Teaching Seed - Downloadable educational songs for children, teens,
    and learners of all ages.
  • TexasWeedMusiccom - Weed site featuring artists based in Texas. [ICP]
  • The Abe Lincoln Story - The Abe Lincoln Story, an eleven-piece big band from Los Angeles, plays music they like to call Swing Punk Soul.
  • The Blues Weed - Weed format song files with a blues theme. [ICP]
  • The Watershed - Weed distributor and band in the UK. [ICP]
  • The Weed Files - Lots of Weed files and the latest news. Independent artists including Jack Lavoie and Porcelain. [ICP]
  • - Weed files in the trance, house, harstyle, experimental and fantasy genres.
  • TTE Weed Media - Weed formatted media files including rock, electronic and ambient. [ICP]
  • Vogon Poetry - Weed files grouped into playlists.
  • - is a Weed distribution site specializing in belly dance and world fusion music, but also hosting rock and humour.
  • Weedbytes - Evil Chopper Weedbytes has wide selection of Weed files from many indie bands, and is also home of improv punks Evil Chopper.
  • Weed Country - Download, purchase, and share country music tracks from bands and artists around the world. [ICP]
  • WeedDex - An index of Weed music files across many websites.
  • Weed - Independent artists in a variety of genres.
  • Weed File Garden - Wide variety of genres and artists. Home of Weed files for UltraViolet Studios.
  • Weedfiles - Variety of artists in many genres. Site features a newsletter, Top Ten list.
  • Weedgroove - Weed distributor site featuring Orbit 3 Forum, Derek Parrot and more.
  • Weed Harvest - A wide variety of music including Billy Atwell, Darcy Fray, The Autumns and more.
  • - Weed files in a variety of genres.
  • Weedshare Music - Home of Cydonia Sound's Weed releases and Weed reseller. [ICP]
  • Weedstash - Weed files in a variety of genres. [ICP]
  • Weedtunes - Weed files in a variety of styles. Top level distributor for Diversified American Music.
  • Weed Warehouse - No-frills Weed download site.
  • Zerotec - Independent artists including Man or Astroman, The Autums and Fugu.

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